Little Savannah had her spay and got her poop in good order to go home! YAY!! I will miss her. She is a really sweetie, with a sever diva attitude, LOL. She loves you to hold her. She walks up and reaches up on your leg saying pick me up! She would come up an snuggle and lay her head on my  arm when I was laying down. And stay there as long as I did! When we go into her room (which happened to be my bedroom since Kittenville was quite full for a while) she would always be under the covers on the bed. She would hear the door and start meowing saying 'wait, I'm coming wait...', she is so funny. She can still be a bit nippy sometimes when she gets worked up, but I really think that is because she is stuck in a room and she wants to run wild! Like I said, she is a really awesome kitty and I will miss her. Hopefully, she will calm a little once she gets more room to roam. Great job sweetie, enjoy your new human in your forever home!