Ivy got adopted today!! Ivy never made it to the Kittenville page because she wasn't here that long and I didn't have pictures and I was just lazy. She was actually another fosters kitty who escaped from their house! She was out running the neighborhood for about 13 or so days. Some very nice people who had seen some social media info about her called us to let us know they see her! We drove right over. We didn't catch her because she got spooked and ran. Some more very nice people who live in the area were walking around letting people know they were looking for her. Ivy is a very friendly kitty and would approach people often. They found a couple kids who said they where playing with her the day before in their yard! They were given a carrier and told if she comes back put her in the carrier and call. Well they did!! We got Ivy back and didn't have her very long before someone wanted her! She's a runner, but they already bought a GPS collar before they even had her! She is such a great kitty. Loves to cuddle and even be combed. She had a rough start when we got her, having to get stitches in her face and all, but she is all healed up and just a wonderful kitty. I will miss her snuggles, but now someone else can share in her snuggles too. Don't run anymore sweetie, and enjoy your forever home!