This is our new kitty Victoria. She was found wandering down a road in southern Illinois alone. She was about 5 weeks old when found. She had a rough start. She was skinny, hand worms in her tummy and a weepy eye. But then her luck changed and she made her way North to KittenvilleUSA! Now she is doing great! She got medicine for those worms and her weepy eye and an unlimited amount of food & water! She looks great now. Her fur is full and soft. Her eye is open and clear and her worms a history. She is a fun loving sweetie who runs all over the place. She likes to play with all her toys. She is going to be a great kitty by the time adoption rolls around. After a quarantine, she will be allowed to play with Kahili and her babies who are of similar age. I always like it when we can help the kitties who have the rough starts.

UPDATE: Victoria has been adopted! Our little sweetie found her human! Her big brother will be a dog! She has so much energy, I hope that dog can keep up! She will make a great addition to their family. Knowing she came with a rough start in her life, I'm glad we could get her into a pet loving family. I will miss her she was lots of fun. Great job Victoria!