Our new mama kitty is named Kahili. She is very sweet and love when you pet her. She will even flop right over and let you pet her big belly. I'm guessing four or five babies! She's a little kitty and she has a big belly now. More pictures will be posted soon, watch for updates.

UPDATE 3/9/18: the babies have arrived! They are super tiny and adorable!

UPDATE 3/20/18: Babies have names! See the pics.

Update 4/6/2018: I haven't updated the site yet, but ALL the kitties have been adopted! Alice went to a home, Clemmie went to a home, Winston went to a home (with previous adopters William & Liam) and Margaret and Martin went home together! I'll bread up the group into their own posts they deserve, but  since I didn't have time yet, I just wanted to get a post out that says everybody got their homes! Now we just need to spay Kahili and get her adopted!

UPDATE 6/17/18: Mama Kahili is ready to find her forever home! She has completed her mom duties and got her spay and she is ready to go. She is at the Darien PetSmart (soon to be back with her current roomie, Okelani). She is a great, quiet little kitty that would love a nice forever home, why not stop in and see her today!