I'm a bit sad now even though we just had 5 little kitty babies because we had to say goodbye for now to our boy Jack. Jack & Trixie were our first kitties. They are brother & sister and were born in a barn before they won the lottery. Jack had a great 16 years and it was really sad to let him go, but everyone has their time. He's now feeling well and gets to be with his brothers Maxxx & Bazinga who have gone before him. I hope Trixie isn't missing him too much. Katie has taken over for Jack in that she watches Trixie eat every  morning and is fully willing to finish any food Trixie leaves behind. So, until it's our time, we'll have to miss him. All too soon we will be back with Jack, Bazinga and Maxxx. Miss you guys! Until we meet again, be good and enjoy heaven!