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The name Leonani means beautiful voice. She is a beautiful cat. She is actually very quiet and sweet.

Leonani came to us with six kittens.
Thor, Wolverine, Scarlet Witch and Gamora, Butterball and Gumball.
Thor and Wolverine were adopted together.
Scarlet Witch and Gamora have both been adopted too!
Butterball and Gumball are available for adoption!!
Leonani is also now available for adoption. She is wonderful!!!

Leonani Kittens!



Laulani came to Kittenville with 8 kittens 1 day old!
Gotta get pics of the kittens. They're doing ok right now. We're helping mama get them all fed. We will try to cycle them so not all 8 are always wanting milk bar or supplement the one's that fall behind. But at the moment, they're all doing good so we hope it stays that way!






The cats who inspired the creation of Kittenville!

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    Kittenville Cats 10maui name left sm

  • 1jack Name Left SM

    Kittenville Cats 1jack Name Left SM

  • 2trixie name left sm

    Kittenville Cats 2trixie name left sm

  • 3maxxx name left sm

    Kittenville Cats 3maxxx name left sm

  • 4cosmo name left sm

    Kittenville Cats 4cosmo name left sm

  • 5oscar name left sm

    Kittenville Cats 5oscar name left sm

  • 6phinneus name left sm

    Kittenville Cats 6phinneus name left sm

  • 7katie name left sm

    Kittenville Cats 7katie name left sm

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    Kittenville Cats 8bob name left sm

  • 9bazinga name left sm

    Kittenville Cats 9bazinga name left sm

Kittenville Adoptions

Read about the latest kitty updates and adoptions by selecting an update below or click the View Adopted Kitties button to go directly to all of the Adoption Posts. Enjoy.

We're finding homes for foster cats and kittens with

Starfish Animal Rescue

In our house, the kitties have their own room we call Kittenville!

There is a man walking on the beach. In the distance he sees a boy throwing something into the ocean. As he gets closer, he sees the boy is surrounded by starfish that haver washed up in the tide. The boy reaches down, picks up another starfish and throws it in the water.

The man questions the boy, "Don't you see how many there are? You will never be able to make a difference."

The boy picks up another starfish, throws it into the ocean and says, "I made a difference for that one."

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  • What is KittenvilleUSA?

    KittenvilleUSA or Kittenville as we call it is the room in our home dedicated to our foster mamas and their kittens, kittens without mamas, and any other cat that may need a place to say. They don’t have to stay in a cage at some shelter, they have a whole room to run and play in until they find their forever home.

  • How long has KittenvilleUSA been around?

    Kittenville was established in 2012.

    Our online presence originally started on Facebook.

    Then we added Instagram.

    And then on the web right here at KittenvilleUSA.com.

    Kittenville is now a 501c3 non profit! Your support is now tax deductible!
    (always check with your financial advisor)

  • How can I help KittenvilleUSA with the kittens and their mamas?

    Click the Ways to Help link in the menu bar to find multiple ways to help Kittenville!

    And now that Kittenville is a 501c3 non profit your support is tax deductible! (always check with your financial advisor)

  • How do we know when kittens are ready for adoption?

    Watch this page for information about the cats and kittens.

    If you're interested in a cat or kitten shown on this site you can use the contact form at the bottom of this webpage to inquire about them and someone will get in touch with you.

    You can also check out Kittenville on Facebook Live and ask about any cat or kitten at KittenvilleUSA you are interested in.

  • Kittenville is now a 501c3 non profit!

    We have made the jump to get Kittenville to be a 501c3 non profit. This is great news. We will now be able to take care of the cats and kittens even better.

    Now when you help us out, your generous gifts are tax deductible!
    (always check with your financial advisor)

    Click here to help Kittenville.

    Coming Soon
    Find more information on the non-profit side of Kittenville at Kittenville.org

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