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    Meet Malina

    I have 5 kittens!

    I like to be combed!

    My kittens are adorable!


    Got mama Malina and her kittens from a shelter down south. That's all I know at the moment! They are in pretty good shape overall. Mama has some knots in her fur but we got most of them out. She likes to be combed so it must feel better for her. I think the kittens are about 7 weeks old-ish. More to come.

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    Malina kitten info:

    Girl - Monroe
    Boy - Adams
    Boy - Jefferson - Adopted
    Boy - Quincy
    Boy - Washington

    What does the name Malina mean?

    Malina as a girls' name is of Hawaiian origin, and the meaning of Malina is "peace". Also nickname of Madelina.

    Meet the Oranges!

    4 adorable kittens!

    Just a couple weeks old!

    Found without a mama.

    Seville, Bergamot, Tangelo and Valencia

    These 4 kittens were found without their mama. Not really sure where she might be. We have them now and we will make their stay at Kittenville awesome.

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    Girl - Valencia
    Boy - Tangelo
    Boy - Seville
    Boy - Bergamot

    Since they're orange kitties...

    They have orange names!


    Meet the Music kittens!

    We're still kinda tiny!

    But we have lots of energy!

    We need to eat more!

    Allegro, Lyric, Cadence and Tempo

    We got them from down south with no mama. They're tiny and they had belly's full of worms. Those are mostly gone and they just need to start eating more! Of course they like the expensive KMR in the can not the one from the bag. So, if you feel the urge to give, KMR in the can is what they love to eat! I Thank You in advance for them!

    The Music Kittens are as follows...

    Allegro - Girl

    Cadence - Boy

    Lyric - Girl

    Tempo - Boy



    Meet Malina

    Malina - Mama kitty

    Girl - Monroe
    Boys - Adams, Jefferson, Quincy, and Washington

    Adopted - Jefferson


    Meet the Oranges!

    Our new kittens (no mama). Orange kittens!

    Girl - Valencia

    Boys - Seville, Bergamot, and Tangelo


    Meet the Music kittens!

    Our 4 little kittens.

    Girls - Allegro and Lyric
    Boys - Cadence and Tempo

    Since there aren't any KittenvilleUSA kitties at PetSmart at this time, here are our official KittenvilleUSA cats for you to enjoy! (aka - Our own kitties)

    Sadly, Bazinga, Jack, Maxxx and Oscar are no longer with us, but we'll catch up to them on the other side at some point!
    Bazinga was the only foster kitten we ever kept throughout all the years of fostering kitties.
    There have been many I wanted to keep though!

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    Since 2012 we’ve worked with the
    Animal Rescue Foundation - IL
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    The kitties have their own room we call Kittenville!

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