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Meet Kalama

She might look like an adult cat but Kalama is really just a giant kitten. We estimate that Kalama is around 10 months old. She is incredibly playful and super friendly. Kalama loves to meet new people and will follow her foster family around the house to see what they are doing and see if it is something she can help with. She’s almost like a puppy trailing after people. She was a little cranky at first with the other animals in her foster home but after a few days she has no issues with the resident cats. She will need time in her forever home to acclimate to any resident animals but we do not anticipate any issues.

Kalama came to ARF as a pregnant cat. She gave birth to 5 beautiful babies in mid June, but sadly her babies did not survive. Sadly this happens sometimes and we don’t know why. Kalama has been evaluated by our vet and is very healthy. We are thankful that this was her last litter and she will never have to go through that again.

Kalama is microchipped, spayed and up to date on her vaccines. With your adoption you will receive a certificate for a free exam with one of our veterinary partners. Kalama is excellent about sitting nicely for nail trims and does very well with scratching posts. Kalama may not be declawed.

You can check out facebook.com/Kittenville.il where her foster mom has documented her time in foster care.

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Kalama had 5 kittens.

Kitten 1 - Adopted by God
Kitten 2 - Adopted by God
Kitten 3 - Adopted by God
Kitten 4 - Adopted by God
Kitten 5 - Adopted by God

What does Kalama mean?

The name Kalama means tree of ebony.


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Meet the Peanuts

We got these 4 kittens a week or so ago. They're a little shy but we'll break them out of their shells. They're all adorable. Lucy has a slight touch of CH but she does just fine. With a little socializing by adoption time they will be a delight!

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Linus - Adopted

Spotlight on Lucy

This beautiful little girl is Lucy! Lucy was found living outside with her brother a month ago and a kind family rescued them and brought them to their home to get them healthy so that they could come to foster care with ARF.

Lucy has mild Cerebellar Hypoplasia. This happens when the part of the brain that controls motor function doesn’t develop properly – usually due to disease exposure of the mom while she is pregnant. Lucy has a very mild form. She can get around just fine and has no trouble eating, drinking or using her litter box. This is not a progressive disease, and in fact it may appear that she gets “better” as she gets older and gets stronger.

Lucy is a sweet girl who is very friendly, but she’s also a little shy. She will need a little time to acclimate in her new home to be brave. The ideal family for Lucy may have older children or no children, and other animals are fine as long as Lucy is given time to get used to them. Lucy needs no special medical care due to her condition.

Lucy is not yet spayed. Our vet has recommended that she be spayed closer to 6 months old after she has a chance to grow and develop a little more. ARF will cover the cost of this surgery when she is brought back to our vet for this procedure.

Lucy is microchipped and up to date on her vaccines. With your adoption you will receive a certificate for a free exam with one of our veterinary partners. Lucy has learned how to sit nicely for nail trims and does very well with scratching posts. Lucy may not be declawed.


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Meet Mahealani

We got Mahealani about a week ago. She is a lovely kitty. She likes to sit on your lap and make biscuits all day long. She likes to be petted and rub noses if you get close to her.
She is getting close to kitten time. I’m guessing 6, but I’m usually wrong.
She is 100% adorable and sweet.

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Mahealani kittens

Girl - 2,3,5
Boy -1,4
Names coming soon!

What does Mahealani mean?

Pronounced mah-heh-ah-LAH-nee, it is an Hawaiian name that means divine mist.
As a girls name it has been used since the 19th century. Currently, it is one of the most popular names given to girls in the State of Hawaii.


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Meet Keona

We got Keona from Iowa. She was 10 minutes away from being put down! We got her just in time. She is beautiful and sweet. And quite large. Ready to have her kittens soon I think. More to come from mama soon.

What does Keona mean?

Keona is a Hawaiian girls name meaning God's gracious gift.

New Kitten

  • I still need a name!

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Meet New Kitten

Single kitten from I don't know where! She is adorable. Very fuzzy. Loves to nuzzle up to you under your chin. And we don't have to tube feed her YAY! More info soon.



Meet Kalama

Mama Kalama


Meet the Peanuts

Girl - Lucy (slight CH)
Boy - Schroeder, PigPen
Adopted - Linus


Meet Mahealani

New Mama Mahealani

Girls - 2, 3, 5
Boys - 1, 4
Names coming soon!


Meet Keona

New mama Keona


Meet New Kitten

Name coming soon!

Right now we don't have any Kittenville cats at PetSmart.

Here are pics of our cats to enjoy.

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    Kittenville Cats 9bazinga name left sm

  • 1jack Name Left SM

    Kittenville Cats 1jack Name Left SM

  • 2trixie name left sm

    Kittenville Cats 2trixie name left sm

  • 3maxxx name left sm

    Kittenville Cats 3maxxx name left sm

  • 4cosmo name left sm

    Kittenville Cats 4cosmo name left sm

  • 5oscar name left sm

    Kittenville Cats 5oscar name left sm

  • 6phinneus name left sm

    Kittenville Cats 6phinneus name left sm

  • 7katie name left sm

    Kittenville Cats 7katie name left sm

  • 8bob name left sm

    Kittenville Cats 8bob name left sm

  • 10maui name left sm

    Kittenville Cats 10maui name left sm

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