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  • Super sweet!

  • Beautiful kitty!


We got Makanui a while ago. She was giant and she told me she was going to have 16 kittens. I think she was just tired of being pregnant. She did have 6 kittens though! She is a great mama and her kittens are chubby little cow kitties.

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Makanui - Mama

Girl - Mint Chip
Girl - Chocolate
Girl - Butter Pecan
Boy - Rocky Road
Boy - Cookies & Cream
Boy - Vanilla

What does her name mean?

The name Makanui means - Eyes of Greatness!


  • Super mama!

  • Sweetie pie!


Kala came to us with her kittens. She had them on the ride to the pickup location! She is taking great care of her little kittens. They're cubby and even moving around a little now!

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Kala - Mama

Girl - Bamberg
Girl - Bliss
Boy - Yukon
Boy - Kennebac
Boy - Russet

What does her name mean?

The name Kala means - Princess.

Right now we don't have any Kittenville cats at PetSmart.

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