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    I had 6 kittens!

    No more big belly!

    I'm a good mama!

    Meet Haukea!

    I believe Haukea came from a transport from southern Illinois. We had her a week or so and she had her babies. She is really sweet girl. She loves to eat. Which is great for a new mama. When she's not eating, she wants you to pet her. But now that she has her babies, she still likes to be petted, but she also goes and takes care of her babies like a good mama.

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    6 Babies!

    Girl -
    Girl -
    Girl -
    Boy -
    Boy -
    Boy -

    What does the name Haukea mean?

    Haukea is Female and the origin is Hawaiian.

    Haukea is an Hawaiian name composed of the elements hau "snow" and kea "white,"

    Haukea means "snow white."


    Sleek black fur!

    I'm fearless!

    I love running water!

    Meet Espn!

    ESPN was at another foster home but for reasons I'm not sure of, they needed to find him another home so to KittenvilleUSA he came. He is about 4 months old, didn't have manners training as a tiny kitten but is mostly a sweetie. If he gets worked up, he gets a little 'bitey' so we'll have to teach him that is not nice. Otherwise he is adorable. He loves to be wherever you are and he loves running water! He will come over to sleep on you too. He likes to be wherever you are no matter where you are. He has free reign in our house at the moment because we had to take in a new mama and we have run out of rooms! Our cats kind of just hiss and go the other way when this new kid in town comes over to play. He has no fear either! He's a good boy and we'll stop his bad habit and get him 100% adorable.

    What does Espn mean?

    Especially Sweet Purring Nicely.

    Leinani & Kelina


    Bonded pair of sisters!

    Meet Leinani & Kelina

    Bonded pair of sisters who have had their babies together and now are looking for a forever home together! They are both very sweet kitties. Leinani like to be held more than Kelina usually, but they both love to be petted even if they just prefer to sit next to you. They are adorable.

    What do the names Kelina & Leinani mean?

    Kelina is a Hawaiian name pronounced KAY-lee-nah. Kelina means moon goddess. 

    Leinani is a Hawaiian name pronounced LAY-nah-nee. Leinani means gorgeous child.

    5 Pack!

    Bacon & Eggs

    Befuddled, Beset and Bereft

    Practicing being adorable!

    Meet Beset, Befuddled, Bereft and Bacon & Eggs

    The 5 pack consists of 5 kittens from two litters. The two are Bacon & Eggs. The three are B, B and B. They all arrived together on the same day so I'm keeping them together as a group. They're all kind of sick in one way or another. We'll have to give them some TLC and get them feeling better.

    Glinda & Elphaba!

    We're new to KittenvilleUSA!

    KittenvilleUSA is fun!

    We ate soft food today!

    Meet Glinda & Elphaba!

    These two little girls came from Chicago animal control. They lost their mama and needed a place to take care of them so to KittenvilleUSA they came. They started on bottle feeding, but quickly started eating soft food on their own. The may get a supplement from a bottle or syringe but they're eating pretty good on their own. They're tiny but they think they're big fierce kitties. They're funny and adorable. Being so young, they will be here for a while so they'll be well adjusted little kittens by adoption time. 



    Meet Haukea!

    UPDATE 9/19/2019: The little guy keeps doing better! He is up to 136g and is holding his weight. He is getting 5.4ml of food each feeding now. He's still a tiny little runt next to his siblings, but he's still fighting to catch up with the. He doesn't let them push him around either, though he loses most of the time because he is so tiny. But he tries! Keep the prayers for him going and before we know it, he will bet getting adopted!

    UPDATE 9/17.2019: The little boy with the rough start just keeps on fighting. He's spunky! He is up to 95g. That is not much, but it's 20g more than just a couple days ago. He is an amazing little guy. His lungs are getting stronger and he makes more noise - which is a good thing. He doesn't like the tube feeding, but then again, nobody does. At least he fights it a little now. He is still not out of the woods, but I'm really pulling for him. We feed him every 2 hours now. He even tried to feed from mama today! Continue with the prayers!! Thanks!

    UPDATE 9/15/2019: One of the little baby boys is having a rough start. He is the smallest and possibly not fully developed inside perhaps. He is hanging on at the moment, but is very lethargic and really isn't eating on his own. Sometimes he tries, but he's weak. We are even tube feeding him, but he's not really responding. We're really sad. Please say a little prayer fo the little guy to pull through. Thanks.

    UPDATE 9/12/2019: Mama had her babies! Around 12:30AM today, mama started having her babies. She went until about 3AM or so and had 6 babies. Looked like it was going to be 5 and then out of nowhere, number 6 arrived. They're so tiny and adorable of course. She is a great mama and has probably done this before. Right now everything looks great!

    UPDATE 9/3/2019: This mama is a sweetie. No name yet. She likes to talk to you when you go in to visit her. I think she is saying feed me mostly. She loves to eat and talk. And if you want to pet her or rub her face, she is all for that too. No babies yet!

    Our newest KittenvilleUSA friend has arrived. She is a sweetie who is going to have more sweeties! She is kind of a tiny kitty, but her belly looks big. No guess yet as to how many babies, but we'll have to see what the vet says when they see her. More pictures soon.


    Meet Espn!

    UPDATE 9/17/2019: Espn is starting to get some manners, but still forgets them every now and then. He likes to play with our Maui, but nobody else really wants to play with him. They just hiss or run away. He likes to run fast through the house. When he sleeps, he sprawls out all over. He's not one to ball up in a box. Though he likes to play in boxes! If he's not wanting to run, he likes to be held and petted. He purrs very nicely too. He likes be where you are, you know, to help. With everything! He's a good little boy!

    UPDATE 8/3/2019: ESPN has tons of energy. He is always wanting to play with the other kitties. He also has to go everywhere you go. He loves water too. Nothing scares him. He loves to investigate everything. Then after going full speed for a while he crashes hard and sleeps in all kinds of funny positions. And just about anywhere too. He's getting some lessons from the other cats in our house on manners too. He has come a long way in just a few days. He will still get a little bitey if he gets worked up, but that has to do with him being  young too. He's a good boy!

    ESPN is a very bold and fearless little boy! He loves to snuggle when he sleeps so he will find your lap so he can sleep!


    Leinani & Kelina

    UPDATE 2/17/2019: These two are so awesome. The adoption events seem to spook them a bit though. I think if they get the big room over at the PetSmart in Wheaton, they will get used to being around larger crowds. They'll have each other to comfort and someone looking for a bonded pair will fall for them immediately. They are adorable when they're hugging each other and grooming each other. Such good kitties!

    UPDATE 8/3/2019: These girls are so good. They never seem to complain. They love each other. They groom each other all the time. For the person looking for 2 cats they won't need to do a lot of work with, this is the goldmine! None of the kitten training and two sweet sisters. Leinani the snuggler and Kelina the pet me, but don't pick me up kitty. Purrrrfect! One on you lap and one next to you!

    UPDATE 8/17/2019: Leinani & Kelina have had their spay and are ready for adoption! They are going to the events to meet you, why not stop by  and say hello to them? They are a bonded pair and will need to go home together!

    UPDATE 8/4/2019: Leinani & Kelina are going to get her spay this week! They will both have their spays this week so they will also be ready to be adopted very soon! I'd love these two to go home together. They're sisters who have been together for a long time, had their babies together, helped each other along and now are soon ready to be adopted! I'm not sure if they're going as a bonded pair or not at this time, but I hope they are! All their babies have been adopted already, YAY!

    UPDATE 7/20/2019: Well, once Leinani's kittens were eating on their own, she wanted nothing more to do with feeding the kittens, hers or Kelina's. She was done. Although, sometimes when we go in the room she will have one kitten at the milk bar. Both mama's seemed to have maybe got something weird or whatever where they were not eating for about a week. But now they're back to eating no problem. It was weird, maybe the heat, not sure. She is a sweet kitty. Very friendly and likes to be petted. She will even snuggle with you too.

    Kelina is recovering from her dog bite just fine. Her hair has grown over the bite marks and just needs to get a little longer. She is very sweet and likes being petted too. When we bring Hank back in the room she usually goes right over to where Hank is and will let him have some milk bar. Now the kitten pen has been taken down and the kittens can run all over. This can sometimes upset some mamas but they are pretty cool about it. She keeps an eye on Hank like he was one of her own. Hank likes to snuggle up with the other kittens too. He looks so tiny next to them but he is doing great. I think Kelina and Leinani should be kept a bonded pair, They really love each other.


    5 Pack!

    UPDATE 9/17/2019: Finally have some decent pictures of the little one's now that they're feeling and looking a bit better. They are all running around the room together now and get along just fine. Kittens this age all love toes! So when you go in their room, you get 5 kittens wanting to play with your toes! They're so silly. This is a great age. They will be ready for adoption soon!

    The 5-Pack of kittens! They're adorable!


    Glinda & Elphaba!

    UPDATE 2/17/2019: When these two aren't hanging out with Kelina and Leinani they're in a pen in our living room. Our cats just sit there looking at the pen thinking how they can get in and eat their food. Sometimes they get to break out of the pen and run around the room which they find to be awesome!! (Espn just hopped on my lap to help me and to take a nap on my lap, what a great helper) These two are doing great. They eat a lot and are healthy and growing. When they hop in their bread bed (a bed shaped like a loaf of bread with a butter pillow) they hug each other an put their heads on the butter pillow. Simply adorable. It would be nice for them to stay together, but it might be too early to call that one yet.

    New kittens! Glinda & Elphaba. They're tiny and adorable.

    Since there aren't any KittenvilleUSA kitties at PetSmart at this time, here are some other kitties for you to enjoy!

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