UPDATE 3: Gracie is now at the Wheaton PetSmart ready to start her search for her human and forever home! She is one of the sweetest little kitties we have had at KittenvilleUSA. She is quiet - except for if she gets herself going playing with her ball spinner or blankets. She loves to be brushed and because of that she is SO SOFT! Once she trusts you she loves when you pet her, especially on her belly, face and ears. She is a great kitty and I hope she finds her forever home soon! 

UPDATE 2: We have a name - GRACIE - and she is adorable!

UPDATE 1: Our new little girl is not pregnant. Oh well. We will keep her a while and get her ready to be adopted. I was wishing she would be pregnant because I wanted to keep her longer. She is adorable. But I'll get some time with her then she will be on her way to her forever home! Watch for her, she is a sweetie!!

We have a new kitty! She goes to the vet on Monday to see if she is indeed pregnant. We have gotten cats from certain shelters that say they are pregnant, and then they turn up not to be. So Monday we will get the final answer. She is very sweet. Kind of shy but will come over so you can pet her and she will even let you pet her belly. However, she isn't sure about being held right now. Her fur is thick an soft and her tail is really cool colors. Someone will be getting a great kitty with her. More to come...